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But we need your help – please support us by using the services we promote. About:I’m here to find a woman. I’m looking for a woman to make love to on the internet, one who would be willing to let me impregnate them. It’d be nice if we were compatible so we could raise the little tike together.

About:Hey, I am a 33 year old white male from the nyc area. I am 6’1 and lean with short brown hair and brown eyes. I’m looking to chat, see where it goes, and maybe meet up for some fun. Hit me up if you would like to chat. Been here before and back once again. Looking for on going chat friends rather than one offs. I’m glad to see babble is back.

I’ve been on and off for awhile and enjoy some of the “interesting” conversations that can be had. About:I am a 53 year old married woman looking to expand my horizons, and add some excitement to my day. I love a good role play. My limits would be no extreme pain,children, or water sports. 19 yo college guy looking for someone to have fun with, if you’re interested, and please dont mind the no picture, I’m just kind of untrusting of the internet. Let’s keep it relaxed, fun, and anonymous.

I am laid back and my sexual tastes vary, but my sensibilities are not easily offended. About:Used to go by the same username before babble crashed. It wouldn’t be fun if I mentioned too much about me on my profile though it’s boring to leave it blank so just adding some random things I like and I dislike. About:Yes I’m back, can’t stay away because I am so addicted to sex. And no, very seldom do I ever have any fun here but keep hoping for a miracle. Pater is an old latinesque word for father.