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It takes a lot of courage for a man to be a crossdresser. It takes even more courage to wear those clothes out of the closet! There are so many myths and labels and prejudiced ideas towards crossdressing men out there today, that it is sometimes hard for these men to feel the freedom to really be themselves. So what makes a man want to wear women’s clothing? There are many different reasons that men enjoy dressing in female clothes, and not all of them have to do with sex. I have known a lot of men who crossdress, who are not interested in other men at all.

They are often married men who are completely heterosexual, only they enjoy the feel of silky satin panties or sexy nylons on their skin. While it is the exception and not the norm, in some instances their wives are aware of their crossdressing needs and fully embrace this and why not? For many crossdressing men, they feel uneasy telling their wives or girlfriends about their desires to dress in female clothing. They are concerned about the reaction they may get from their partner if they reveal these deepest of desires.

Most times it does not go over well and all do not live happily ever after. This is usually because the partner doesn’t take the time to ask questions about her crossdressing man’s reasons for wanting to dress this way. Ok Then, Do Men Who Crossdress Actually Want To Be Women? Wearing women’s clothing is not always an indication of a man’s sexuality. Some men just like the feel of the clothing on their skin.