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You came to this page because you are hopefully going to consider attending a showing of Rocky Horror in a theater. If you’ve already seen the movie by itself on TV or home video and wondered what all the fuss was about, read on. If you haven’t seen the movie on TV or home video – GREAT! The more surprised you are on your first time, the more fun it is. People yell back lines at the screen during the extended pauses between dialogue, dress up in costume and act out the film, and throw props various times during the film. You are interested in going, so here’s what you really need to know.

Of course, being surrounded by 10-15 of your friends is also a good thing. But hey, what about the props and audience participation lines and dressing up in costume? Well, no one expects you to know much of anything your first time out. While audience participation is mandatory to keep the show alive, it is not mandatory that everyone participate, every time. If you really want to bring props, check with your local theater and ask what props are not allowed. A newspaper may help keep you from getting wet, but water is banned at many theaters. Watch everyone else to figure out when to throw these items.

A prop list is available on this website. Oh, and if you need to know one AP line, there is one that is almost universal to every theater, that you can use multiple times. Whenever you hear the name “Brad Majors”, yell “ASSHOLE”, okay? An important note here: AP is NOT fixed from theater to theater and night to night.