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Communicate with other members via live chat, private messaging or over Sex chat, Yahoo or Skype. Find partners for sex chat, webcam sex, phone sex, adult dating, casual online fun, etc.

But we need your help – please support us by using the services we promote. About:I like Physics, I like Maths. I believe the mind is the most important sex organ. Stimulate that and your body will follow.

I’m here to RP and cyberand maybe find a phone friend or two. About:A gentleman as well as a Master. A dominant straight male, soft to hard bdsm but with some simple plain vanilla thrown in for fun. Brand new here, looked super fun, hehe. I’m fairly open, and wanna meet new people!

Fairly passable, may share pics as I become more comfortable here. About:A little about who I am. If you do not like then do not concern yourself with me. And if you think my Profile sucks. I will not take shit from no one.

Then don’t message or Talk to me in Main. About:Want to enjoy some sex chats, role play, maybe something more later. Huge sex drive that I want to explore with someone. Let’s share some hot and sexy messages.

About:Naughty Doc’s office for sex chat and RP or AP is open for the one’s REALLY interested to play! Due to the line of work i’m not always online but i check my inbox periodically ,so i read my messages and i reply to all of them. About:Not the biggest guy around, and size seems to be everything most of the time. Joined here from a random post on tumblr. Not really looking to hook up in real life but we can talk about roleplay and dicks and whatever. About:Wow, someone actually viewing my profile. Is my picture set to that of a hot girl?

Well, you read that and are reading this, so I might as well introduce myself. I’m more on the domme side, but I can occasionally switch. About:I’ve been on my own since my Dad left when I was 16. Mom couldn’t handle it and ended up with a series of abusive men. I’ve worked two jobs while attending school and just graduated.