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The sights and smells of the carnival midway are nostalgically familiar: funnel cakes, carousel calliope music, and the sounds of hearts breaking when amusement park goers plunk down a few bucks sex pistols live 2008 nba try to win the biggest stuffed animal in the place. Not all carnival games get rigged, but some stack the odds.

Here’s a look at five common fixes for midway games. KNOCK OVER THE MILK BOTTLES It’s probably the most straightforward game on the midway: A carnival worker stacks three milk bottles in a pyramid, hands you a softball, and you cash in on your best Nolan Ryan impression, right? BALLOON DART THROW Before you step back and let that dart fly, remember you’re playing with what the house gives you. But the balloons are equally deceptive: They might look ready to burst, but they’re usually inflated to just 30 percent of their full air capacity, making them tough to pop. The reason the balloons are a rainbow of different colors isn’t just to make the booth more alluring—it’s a distraction technique, too. The Carnival Cop warns about the pitfalls of ring toss games in his book as well: The rings are just barely wider than the bottlenecks, Hester says, and are made of hard plastic so they’re more likely to bounce around than loop around your target.

Like in the ring toss, carnival workers have prime real estate to make the game look easy. Carnival workers standing right next to the board can lightly brush the ball against the board when they throw—there’s a lot less bounce-back from that angle. It was up to eight men to save the life of one. Here are 15 things you may not have known about Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning World War II drama Saving Private Ryan, which arrived in theaters 20 years ago today. THE MOVIE CAME TOGETHER IN A SINGLE DAY. Saving Private Ryan was the only movie that Steven Spielberg directed up to that point in his career that he hadn’t developed on his own.

Screenwriter Robert Rodat’s script was actually sent to Spielberg by his agent. STEVEN SPIELBERG WAS INSPIRED TO DIRECT THE MOVIE BECAUSE OF HIS FATHER. Spielberg directed Saving Private Ryan as a tribute to his father, Arnold Spielberg, who served in the U. Army and Signal Corps, and fought in Burma during World War II as a radio operator in a B-25 squad. IT’S PARTLY BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Contrary to popular belief, Saving Private Ryan is not based on the Sullivan brothers, a group of five brothers who were all killed in action while serving in the US Navy during World War II on the USS Juneau. THE ACTORS ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH BOOT CAMP. To get an idea of what WWII soldiers actually went through, the main squad of actors portraying the lead soldiers participated in a 10-day boot camp led by the film’s military advisor, retired former USMC Captain Dale Dye. ROBIN WILLIAMS HELPED MATT DAMON GET THE PART OF PRIVATE RYAN. Williams introduced Damon to Steven Spielberg in Boston during rehearsals for the movie Good Will Hunting. The actor, who plays Sergeant Horvath, was heavily addicted to heroin prior to filming Saving Private Ryan in 1997.

GARTH BROOKS NEARLY PLAYED PRIVATE JACKSON. Frank Darabont was hired to do uncredited rewrites on Saving Private Ryan, and created the role of the Bible-quoting sniper, Private Jackson, to be played by country singer Garth Brooks. THE LOOK OF THE MOVIE CAME FROM REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. Spielberg and cinematographer Janusz Kaminski modeled the look of the film on actual newsreel footage from the era, and converted the modern lenses of the film’s shooting cameras to make them capture images more like cameras from the 1940s.

OMAHA BEACH WAS ACTUALLY IN IRELAND. Because the actual beaches in Normandy where Allied forces invaded France had strict filming restrictions, the opening D-Day scene needed to be shot elsewhere. Spielberg wanted an almost exact replica of the Omaha Beach landscape for the movie, including similar sand and a bluff similar to the one where German forces were stationed. THE D-DAY SEQUENCE COST A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY. SPIELBERG HAD A BUSY YEAR BEFORE AND DURING FILMING. The director conducted the pre-production on Saving Private Ryan and the sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park at the same time in 1996, and was originally supposed to direct the films back to back. THE BOMBED OUT FRENCH CITY WAS ACTUALLY A SET BUILT OUTSIDE OF LONDON.