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These records however to some extent complicate the issue of the civilians interned, because the 3,469 members of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, the Federated Malay States Sex txt chat Force and the Straits Settlements Volunteer Forces were considered civilians when records were compiled in 1946 by the then War Office although reclassified as military in the 1950s and now accepted as such. 16,586 but does show the volunteer forces as military. British interests that had evolved over centuries. British East India Company first began regular sailings in 1699.

Britons went out to serve British commercial interests and British religious groups instituted missions for Christianity, particularly in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. British administrators went out to organise the infrastructure. This merged with the regular consular and diplomatic service after WWII. 1931, followed by the Marco Polo incident in 1937, British trade had been able to continue albeit with petty restrictions. Plans were put in train in 1941 to evacuate non-essential British civilians but this policy received a setback in October 1941 when the Australian Government ruled that Australia would not accept anyone as some of the Britons were of mixed blood they violated the then ‘White Australia’ policy.

It was important that costs should not fall on the Public Purse. A number of families had already left and a number of men of military age had also left to join the British forces. Businesses were already being run by the older men. The result was that when internment did occur the demographic distribution of camps had a preponderance of old and young with markedly fewer men of military age. Japanese Army which landed on the north coast at the outbreak of hostilities. This was followed by the Netherlands East Indies two months later.

NEI was immediate, whereas in the places where no fighting had occurred, it did not take place until late 1942 or the spring of 1943. Archives for the various camps vary enormously and are discussed in detail below, but no records have been found for the various small transit camps which existed for one or two months whilst the concentration process was being established. During the course of World War II the British Nationality and Aliens Registration Act of 1914 was in force together with the Foreign Marriages Act of 1892. This latter gave automatic British nationality to alien women on marriage to a Briton.

Britons born in the colonies had their births recorded locally as British, although many of these records were destroyed by enemy action. British’ with the Commonwealth country in brackets or even omitted. There was also widespread use of ‘Eurasian’ indicating someone of mixed blood or ‘Jew’ under nationality sometimes preceded with the word ‘British’ or ‘Dutch’. 140 were held at Fukushima but these were mainly the crews and passengers of ships torpedoed by German Raiders in the South Atlantic and exchanged onto to Japanese supply vessels. Japanese Merchant ships and relieved of the survivors of those ships that had been sunk. Japanese who had been moved from other areas.